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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday at Emily's

La Pizza de Pepperoni du Costco

So, have you tried the take and bake from Costco? It's pretty tasty, and it's only $10 for a large pie covered with pepperoni and lots of cheese. Sure, it's a huge indulgence and there wasn't a veggie in sight (except for the sauce I suppose) but a slice of this washed down with some thick chocolate milk and you may as well float over to the coach for a night of good TV.

Too bad that I decided to have this meal before CHOIR PRACTICE!

In my defense, I DID brush my teeth and use mouthwash before choir, and I'd like to think that the extra coating on my vocal chords helped me get through two hours of the Messiah.

Yeah, I know. Grasping for straws...

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Gina Louise said...

ha! i LOVE costco pizza. haven't tried the take-n-bake...will have to.