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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lisa's Week of AMAZING cooking!

i know i did this wrong, i took a picture everyday and now I'm doing one big post. sorry i didn't realize i was doing it wrong.. but here are my meals for one week.. starting on Wednesday.
  • Wednesday: steak and squash, and homemade oreo cookies (recipe posted already)
  • Thursday: cheesy vegetable soup in a bread bowl.**
  • Friday: tacos, chips and homemade salsa, from my very own garden (Gina do i get extra points for that)
  • Saturday: Steak, salmon, baked potato, salad and rolls. (our good friends invited us over, we don't usually eat steak twice in one week although it would be okay with my hubby)
  • Sunday: chips and salsa for dinner. (i know i went ALL out)
  • Monday: homemade turkey chili (picture and recipe from an earlier post, i forgot to take one)
  • Tuesday: candy chicken, rice and broccoli (again forgot to snap a picture so i used this one from Gretchen's post, it was so good, i didn't bread the chicken to try and make it a little healthier and it was DELICIOUS!!

*cheesy vege soup recipe. 6 cups water, 4 chicken bullion cubes, 1 bag frozen veges (California style), 1/2 cup onion (real or minced) boil above ingredients until veges are tender, turn to low. make a roue.. with 1 cup melted butter and 1/2 cup flour, mix into a paste. add to pot, soup will Begin to thicken, add 8 oz cheeze wiz. simmer until creamy, stirring often.

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