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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Corn Soufflé

Every month when my aunt emails out our "dinner on the second Sunday this month will be..." email telling us the main dish, all of us 'reply to all' stating we will or won't be there and if we're coming, we let everyone know what we will be bringing. Three weeks ago, my cute cousin's wife replied their family would be there and she would bring Corn Souffle. I immediately replied to her, "You'll bring corn souffle and you'll bring the recipe for corn souffle." And she did, she brought a couple copies of the recipe for those of us wanting one. This is soooo yummy. It's basically fancy corn bread, not as dry as corn bread though. Typing the recipe out, since it's the first time I made it myself, I realize I added extra of one ingredient so I made a special note so you don't make the same mistake. I didn't have Jiffy corn bread mix (I honestly thought I had some in my food storage, but couldn't find it), so I found a recipe online for a homemade equivalent. It worked out OK still, but I recommend the original recipe if you can.

1 can whole kernel corn, drained
1 can creamed corn
1 Jiffy corn muffin mix**
2 eggs
3/8 c or 3/4 stick butter, melted (I put the 3/8 c & 3/4 stick measurements more for me, who just realized while typing this recipe I read 3/4 stick as 3/4 c so my souffle is going to be really, really buttery today... oops! I don't recommend it, too buttery for a butter taste disliker like myself.)

Preheat over to 350 degrees
Grease a 9"x13" casserole dish (I probably didn't need to spray mine with all that butter I added)
Mix all the ingredients together
Pour into greased dish and bake for 45 minutes.

**Homemade Jiffy corn muffin mix

2/3 c all-purpose flour
1/2 c yellow cornmeal
3 T granulated sugar
1 T baking powder
1/4 t salt
2 T vegetable oil


Thursday, June 17, 2010

crab salad.


this is just a basic salad recipe, but it's my favorite summer salad, so i thought i'd share. you can add or leave out vegetables as you prefer.

8 oz macaroni, cooked, rinsed
8 oz fake {or real!} crab meat, shredded
1 stalk celery, chopped
2 roma tomatoes, seeded, chopped
2 green onions, finely chopped
1/3 cup carrotts, coarsley shredded
cubed cheddar cheese {i add this per serving, not to the whole salad, so it doesn't get soggy if you have letftovers}
2-3 tbsp mayo or miracle whip {i prefer miracle whip}
2 tbsp lemon juice
salt & pepper to taste

combine all ingredients, refridgerate, and serve!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cheesy Potato Broccoli Soup [FAVE!]

So the picture isn't that great (I took this picture in the winter, so I had no natural light...hate that). However, this soup is AMAZING. My family yums this up. Probably in the top five favorites for my husband (and me). Super easy, super cheesy. Super delicious. You've got to try it.
*for soup:
2 quarts water (8 cups)
8 chicken bullion cubes
1 bag frozen broccoli
Handful of peeled and diced potatoes
1 1/2 squares of butter
3/4 cup flour
1 bottle of cheese whiz (sounds gross . . . but it adds amazing flavor)
*for bread bowl:
1 bag of frozen Rhodes loaves (3 come in a bag - you can make as many as 9 bowls from this!)
1 egg, beaten
{from this fabulous cook book}
*Soup: Boil potatoes and bullion in water. Meanwhile, thicken the butter and flour in a sauce pan. Once potatoes are tender, add butter and flour mixture to thicken. Then add frozen broccoli (you can even toss in shredded carrots!) and cheese whiz. I use the tall glass bottle of cheese whiz and almost use the entire thing, but not quite. Add as much or as little as you like. Simmer until veggies are cooked through.
SERVES: a lot! Probably 5-6. Be prepared for fabulous leftovers.
*Bread bowl: Cut thawed loaf into thirds. From each third into a ball. Place on baking sheet sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Brush with egg. Cover with sprayed plastic wrap. Let rise until double in size. Remove wrap and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until golden brown. Cool and slice off top. Hollow out bread and fill with soup. (For larger bowls, cut loaf in half.)
Enjoy this family favorite. You'll love it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bonkers about neckties?

Who would have guessed you'd be reading a post on a food blog about neckties? Not me. Which is why I'm loving this post already. :) I just recently visited a super fun website called Tiepedia. It's a website operated by a guy named Matt who wears a tie every day and loves it. Yeah, I know. What? So why am I posting about this? Check out these cool tie cakes. And while you're at it browse around, the website is really quite cool.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

Yes, this recipe deserved four pictures because it's that good. I got this recipe off of one of my favorite food blogs and decided to duplicate it that day to help a friend out on their bday. And needless to say they loved it. It was a hit at the party and at work the next day. You can follow the recipe from that food blog or go for a simpler life and follow mine. Use a chocolate boxed cake and make cupcakes - easy. Then for the best part, the frosting.

Peanut Butter Frosting:
1 cup unsalted butter at room temperature
1 cup creamy peanut butter
3 cups powdered sugar
1 tbsp milk

I used a KitchenAid mixer with the paddle, dumped all the ingredients in and whipped it good for about 3 minutes. It made the texture super light and fluffy, almost like light cookie dough and people absolutely loved it. If you don't have a powerful mixer you'll want to cream the peanut butter, the butter, and the milk first and then slowly add in powdered sugar.

Top with chopped up pieces of Reese's and you and everyone around you will be happy.