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Monday, November 9, 2009

Friday at Emily's

Friday was busy at my house. In addition to playing mom to my three boys, I baby-sat two other children for most of the day. Translation = I spent most of the day playing short order cook.
So, for dinner I decided to let someone else do the cooking!

We headed to Lorena's Mexican restaurant. It's kind of a dive, but I've eaten there before and it is pretty good. I recommend the smothered bean and cheese burrito, it's big and only around four dollars. Our whole family of five ate for fifteen dollars, not too bad. My hubby was not a fan of this place, he hates shredded beef and takes it personally when the restaurant doesn't offer ground beef as well.
So, in his picky opinion, thumbs down.
In my didn't-have-to-lift-a-finger-opinion, thumbs up!

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Gina Louise said...

I LOVE Lorena's! Two big thumbs up from me! :)