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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunday at Shawnee's (mom's house)

Chicken -n- Noodles
This is my ultimate comfort food. It's been a tradition in my family for years. I'm not really sure where it all started, but my grandma and mom have been making it for as long as I've been around. It might seem weird to have chicken and noodles over potatoes, but it's oh so good. I haven't mastered the art of homemade noodles, so I appreciate going to my mom's house and enjoying her hard work.

Noodles: 2 eggs, 1 tsp milk, 1 cup flour, salt
Mix until real stiff, adding extra flour on top and bottom as you roll the dough until paper thin. Let dry until almost brittle. Roll up and cut into thin strips.

Chicken: cook whole chicken, with a little water, in crock pot all day or in pressure cooker 30-40 minutes. Strain chicken-water mixture for broth. Shred chicken.

Gravy: Use chicken broth and potato water to make a thin gravy. Add shredded chicken and noodles. Thicken as needed.

Serve chicken -n- noodles over mashed potatoes.

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