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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Other Food Enthusiasts

What's your favorite food websites or blogs?
Besides Eat Your Veggies, Peas of course. :)


ariel said...

i love:

sweet basil

smitten kitchen

redhead recipes

Emily said...

Tasty Kitchen

Taste is Trump

Food Network (specifically Ina Garten)

Sassy Radish

Like Ariel, I frequent the Smitten Kitchen

Caprene said...

I like:

and my friend's mother's site:

and my cousin's site (though it's pictures giving you ideas):

my sis-in-law started a site, but has been forgetting about it...

and another friend who's site I like because it all doable, not fancy trying to impress as some sites are. It's just good stuff (like our site)

I don't so much like bakarella anymore because all she does is different styles of pops these days. I miss her originality. No more pops please.

Caprene said...

oh yah, one more:
an old roommate's family site, for same reason I like Jens - family friendly, yummy and doable meals.

jakenapril said...

in no particular order:
1. the pioneer woman ( cooking is to.die.for!

2. our best bites ( and easy recipes paired with great gift ideas to boot! who could ask for more?

3. the recipe girl ( in food with pictures galore!

4. my kitchen cafe ( and true, you can't argue with that!