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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ariel's Lemon Yogurt Cake: Revisited (aka Lime Cake)

For some time I have wanted to make the Lemon Yogurt Cake that Ariel shared a while ago. Today I had the perfect opportunity to bake all of the recipes on my "wish list" for a bake sale this weekend.

I am not going to post the entire recipe again, because you can find it on the archives here, but I will say that I made a couple of small tweaks out of whimsy and necessity. My version has no yogurt in it, so I simply call them Lime Cakes.

First, I used sour cream instead of yogurt (out of necessity)

, I used Lime instead of lemon (to suit my whimsy)

, I used a new cake pan that made individual square cakes. Baking time was about 25 minutes on 350 degrees. I wanted to make individual cakes for the bake sale for two reasons: People pay more for small things. It's just my theory, but think about it; jewelry, cell phones, noses... (suits my whimsy and out of necessity)

The bottom line here is I agree with Ariel that this recipe is very versatile, and I plan on experimenting with other citrus. You should try it too!

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