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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monte Cristo Sandwich

if you've ever had this you know how DELICIOUS it is, if you have never had it you might think...what the?
  • two pieces french toast (egg and milk mix)
  • two pieces ham
  • two pieces turkey
  • one slice swiss cheese
  • about 1 TBLS of mayo and mustard mixed together
  • powdered sugar
  • raspberry or blackberry or strawberry jam (any kind you want really)

make your standard french toast, spread mayo and mustard lightly on both pieces of french toast. put meat and cheese in the middle and make a sandwich. then grill for a couple more minutes to melt the cheese. cut in 1/2 (very critical!), sprinkle with powdered sugar, dip in jam of choice and ENJOY! yumma.

side note: in authentic monte cristo sandwich's you are supposed to make the sandwich with just regular bread, then cut it into quarters, put toothpicks in it to hold it together THEN batter it in french toast batter and DEEP FRY the whole thing. NOW.... this is DELICIOUS, i didn't do this cuz its not the most healthy thing to do but give it a try, it is OH SO GOOD!

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