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Monday, August 31, 2009

Red Robin Sky High Mudd Pie

Sorry, I only had a quick minute to snap a shot
before we put the candles in and started singing Happy Birthday

I make the dessert for all my friends' bdays. It's been that way for years. When I run low on ideas, I find a way to contact my friend's family for some favorite or traditional birthday desserts. This weekend was my first attempt at Red Robin's Sky High Mudd Pie following the suggestion of my friend's sister. Please note, this dessert is not a quick put together treat. I started it Friday and finished it Sunday - but that's also because of my weekend's schedule. It's also not cheap - so plan in advance, watch for sales on the ingredients. And make sure you have room in your freezer. It was all worth it. The birthday girl loved it, as did the 15 other guests at the party. Here's how you make it:

6 c chocolate ice cream (I just used a whole carton)
1 c peanut butter cookie pieces (I used my food processor)
6 c vanilla ice cream (again, I just used the whole 1/2 gallon)
1 2/3 c creamy peanut butter (I used a whole jar)
Chocolate graham crackers pieces (I used chocolate gold fish & again, food processor)
1 c-ish fudge topping
1 bottle chocolate topping (they recommend 20oz, but we only used half of it, if that)
1 bottle caramel topping (same as the chocolate re: the size)
1 can whipping cream (used the whole can)
3/4 c chopped peanuts
12 Maraschino cherries (or enough for how many slices you cut)

This is where you need to pay attention...
1 - Soften the chocolate ice cream and pack it into the bottom of a 3qt mixing bowl (note - the shape of your bowl will be the shape of your dessert, so be creative.) Be sure the ice cream is smooth and level. Spread or sprinkle the peanut butter cookie pieces over the chocolate ice cream, packing the cookies into the ice cream. Cover and place the bowl in the freezer for at least an hour to allow the ice cream to harden.
2 - Soften the vanilla ice cream and pack it on top of the chocolate ice cream & peanut butter cookies. Again, be sure it's smooth and level. Cover and place back in the freezer to harden.
3 - Spread half of the peanut butter on top of the vanilla ice cream. (It's a little tricky.) Spread or sprinkle the chocolate crackers over the peanut butter, pressing he crackers into the ice cream. Cover and place the bowl into the freezer for another hour.
4 - Place the bowl in warm water for just a minute to soften the surface ice cream, the dessert should just fall out (I prompted it a little with a butter knife) onto a plate or flat surface. Cover and put right back into freezer for at least 2 hours.
5 - Remove dessert from the freezer and, without first heating it up, spread the room temperature fudge topping all over the top of the dessert (again, a little tricky like the peanut butter). Cover and place back into freezer for at least an hour.
6 - Remove and spread the rest of the peanut butter to create a smooth layer over the dessert. Cover and freeze.
7 - The instructions recommend after the peanut butter layer freezes, to remove from freezer and use a warm knife to slice the dessert, to place wax paper between the slices. We has a difficult time peeling off the wax paper though, so do what you like.
8 - When you are ready to serve, take the chocolate and caramel topping. Make creative little patterns on your serving dishes. Set the piece of dessert on the plate. Then cover the dessert top with the canned whipping cream, again a few quick squirts of the chocolate and caramel topping, sprinkle with peanut and place a cherry on top. Serve right away.

Good luck! This is a fun one.


Dave + Kirst said...

that looks seriously so good caprene. but it also looks like my day's worth of calories ;D

Caprene said...

it's dessert - you never consider calories with dessert, otherwise no one would ever eat it.

Valerie said...

Oh, my!!!! That looks divine. And not at all what I expected to see when I saw that the name of your blog was Eat Your Veggies, Peas :)