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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FAVE: Freezer Paper

I'm really into freezing things lately. I get a high when I can save money by buying bulk, then freeze and put away in my deep freezer. It's the BEST feeling when I'm preparing dinner and I have ALL the ingredients. Know what I'm saying?! Especially the harder things, like meats and poultry. So here's my new fave. Freezer paper.

Way back when, when I was just a snot-nosed-kid (oh, wait I still am), I use to just throw my meat and other things in the freezer as-is in their Styrofoam bottoms encircled by plastic wrap. Oh heavens did I have it all wrong. So completely wrong. Freezer paper is so much more kinder to my dear food. I love you freezer paper. Thank you for preserving my food.

1. buy bulk (costco, goodness even walmart has bulk)
2. come home and clear off your counters in preparation for a freezing frenzy
3. wrap the portions you want froze in the special paper. and seal.
4. date it. sooo important. the back of the freezer paper box gives the dates.
5. enjoy having food at the tips of your fingers.
6. is best thawed in a sink full of luke-warm water. however, if time is short, it can be thrown in the microwave, still wrapped, and defrosted that way.


Carrian said...

How the heck have I never known that I could purchase freezer paper?!!

Lauri said...

Freezer paper is also excellent for painting small projects on because the paint does not stick to the wax paper side. I buy the great big rolls and go through them so fast by buying in bulk, I just did a major chicken buy from Macey's, and for my other various projects!

Gina said...

Very good to know! I love that idea. And I love getting the chicken boxes from Macey's...such a good deal!