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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Simple & Healthy Kids Lunch

Who said Doritos aren't healthy?
Okay, okay . . . but in this small portion, you betcha.  I think it's important to remember "all things in moderation."  My kids love tuna on wheat sandwiches.  And my daughter loves strawberries, while my son enjoys carrots.  Here's the rule of thirds that Megan pointed out: sandwich, fruit, and chips.  And 100% juice to drink.  They devoured it - I mean look at the daughter couldn't wait to eat her sandwich before I took the picture.  And actually I let her take the picture - she's an Eat Your Veggies Peas blog cook in-the-making. :)

Helpful Tip...
Also in doing this challenge I've found an easy way to ensure my lunches have at least one, if not more, healthy items.  After I've come home from doing my grocery shopping and getting all my fruits and veggies, I immediately rinse, cut, slice, or peel them.  Then I stick them in Tupperware stacks in my fridge.  This way when lunch (or dinner) rolls around, I can reach in my peeled and cut carrots Tupperware and throw them on our plates in less than five seconds.  Not to mention, dice them up real quick and throw them in my Tortellini Soup for dinner.


ariel said...

fun fact: i don't like tuna. but when i'm pregnant i want to eat it for every meal. and you're supposed to eat it in moderation.


i love the rule of thirds!

i also like to do the rule of colors. as in one color. serena loves it when we do mac & cheese, oranges and carrots with her orange plate & fork. or green plate & fork with some entree + green grapes + green beans. or ravioli + red bell peppers + strawberries.

you get the picture :)

{i know you're supposed to have a colorful diet. we make up for it at breakfast & dinner.}

ariel said...

{sheesh. maybe i should have just written a whole post about that! novel!}

Gina Louise said...

seriously. :) haha