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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

grown up grilled cheese/ ariel's favorite panini.


lately at my house we've been obsessed with using the george foreman grill. i always forget about my small appliances, and i'm glad i dug this one up from the depths of my cupboards! one of my favorite things to make on the is paninis. i've done a whole lot of experimenting and this is by far my favorite combination:

sourdough bread
mozzarella cheese
brianna's blush wine vinaigrette

i like to use bread from an unsliced loaf so i can cut it as thinly as i like. lightly butter the bread on the outsides, pesto & shredded mozzarella on one side, 1-2 tsp vinaigrette spooned over the other side, a couple of minutes on the and voila! best panini ever! you seriously need to try it.

{i'm not putting this in the "live longer lunch" category unless you feel like the sides make it a super healthy meal...}


ariel said...

whew. i'm ahead of gina in posts again.

Caprene said...

Brush with olive oil instead of butter before grilling - then it can be a healthy lunch... =)

ariel said...

ha! yes... but it won't taste as buttery :)