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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Everything in 3's

Well I'm not sure that we qualify for super healthy eating at our house, but we are definitely trying. I have a very picky 5 year old and every meal other than breakfast is a challenge. So one thing we have tried recently that seems to be helping is the everything in 3's rule. There is something about variety that usually gets him to start eating and if he eats 2 of the 3 items than I'm a happy camper. We do this with dinner's as well (although sometimes I have more than 3 things). Plus I found these cute little divided plates at target and we love them.

Here are three examples of what we've tried to do around here. I always try to include some fruit or vegetable as one of the 3 choices. Luckily he will eat raw veges, just not cooked ones. As well as some dairy. We are also trying to cut back on the breads since he would eat sandwiches everyday if I would let him. (fyi it does not always work out so well, but we try)

day 1... today we had 4 things
lil smokies with bbq sauce,  orange slices, string cheese, and yogurt, with apple juice

 day 2...
toast with peanut butter on it, carrot sticks, and string cheese, with milk
(he is not a fan of jams or honey right now so we just toast a piece of bread and add PB)

day 3...
cheese and crackers, pepperoni slices, and bananas, with apple juice
(if I have cottage cheese we will put that on the crackers as well, or lunch meat)

Kevin is always good about taking leftovers and if there is enough then I will usually have that the following day as well, if not then Ty and I will eat the same sort of things. This seems to be working well for us and it keeps Tyler full longer so he isn't always wanting snacks. The same goes for me too!

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Gina Louise said...

I'm trying to do this rule too. And one thing I'm trying to do is to have different colors on the plate too. This usually means you're getting a broader spectrum of the food groups. It's harder some days than others, but mostly it works!