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Saturday, August 6, 2011

All Greens Salad

It really has been too ridiculously long since I've posted a recipe.  Summer has me everywhere but in front of my computer lately.   But you better believe I have still been cooking and taking pictures.  Just not finding time to post!  Sigh  But here we are finally.  My kids are with Dad doing yard work so I thought I'd steal a few seconds to post some fabulous things I've been cooking this summer, even though I should be doing the dishes.  They can wait.

This has been my 2nd* favorite salad this summer.  (Remember this favorite way back when?)  I'm loving this new, extremely easy, salad my very health-conscience friend made for me one evening.  Thank you dear! ;)

My husband calls this salad Rabbit Food.  Haha.  Men.  See what you think.  I think it's fresh, crispy, and new.  Just what the Doctor ordered during this heat . . .

green peppers
green onions
baby spinach leaves
Salad dressing of your choice (we use Ranch - not the healthiest, but hey.  It's good.)

*Stay tuned for my number one favorite salad this summer.  You're going to die it's soooo yummy.  Now if I can just steal another minute away to post it... ;)


Emily said...

That looks really fresh and delicious! Nick would call it rabbit food too, but he would probably eat it anyway if it was accompanied by some sort of meat. I think I might add cold green peas to the salad for a bit of sweetness.

Gina Louise said...

Great idea!