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Monday, July 27, 2009

Best Five: ways to make a dish lowfat/healthier.

Best Five: ways to make a dish lowfat/healthier.
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Gina said...

so i don't know if i can think of 5, but i'll try:

1. use applesauce instead of butter
2. eggs whites instead of the whole egg
3. whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose white flour
4. extra lean ground beef or turkey, instead of regular ground beef
5. brown rice instead of white rice

Brady and Gretchen said...

1. Low-fat (not fat free) sour cream
2. 1/3 less fat cream cheese
3. olive oil - enough said
4. bake instead of fry
5. sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes

Im not a fat free girl but alot of the low fat things make the cut for me. Every little thing helps!

Erik and Katherine said...

Some of my suggestions are similar but here are a few I could come up with:

1- Use plain yogurt instead of sour cream or mayo in recipes.
2- Egg beaters instead of whole eggs.
3- Applesauce instead of butter.
4- Miracle Whip instead of Mayo.
5- Ground turkey instead of ground beef.
6- Low-fat cheese or milk.
7- "No salt added" or sugar free items when possible.

***That being said, I think it depends on what you are subsituting and when. When I cook or bake with recipes, I use these substitutions. However, when serving things alone (without other spices or ingredients to hide the flavor difference), I tend to use the regular and yummy things, not low-fat because they do taste different!***

Ariel said...

1. reduced sodium everything. especially chicken/beef broth, soups & canned beans. i hardly ever add as much salt as a recipe calls for. you can always add more later if you need it.
2. whole wheat pasta.
3. i'm loving the deceptively delicious cookbook. i add some kind of vegetable puree to pretty much everything i make.
4. ground turkey.
5. serve dessert with cool whip instead of ice cream.

ARRON N' L!SA said...

1. ground turky, turkey hot dogs, turky pepperoni.
2. low fat low sodium cream soups.
3. low sugar is actually more important then low fat if your trying to be healthy.
4. skim milk/soy milk
5. refried beand instead of butter

jakenapril said...

well, i'm with gretchen and don't do fat-free or low-fat. i also can't do sugar substitutes because they give me headaches. so, if i have to give some advice:
1. well-balanced meals. teaching kids to be healthy is easier if you can point out the healthy stuff you are eating.
2. don't buy junk (doritos, oreos, ice cream, etc). if it's not there you won't be tempted.
3. FRESH is best.
4. eat at HOME more.
5. portion control. sometimes it's more about HOW MUCH you eat than WHAT you eat.

Frieda said...

Ditto all the above! I just gave you an award! Check my blog!