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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mizithra cheese pasta

This is one of my favorite meals from The Old Spaghetti Factory, delicious. So I decided I should try and make it myself, and it was crazy easy.


mizithra cheese (found in the specialty cheese section of your grocery store)
salt and pepper

That's all! You cook the pasta, melt the butter in your frying pan, drain the pasta and put it in the frying pan. Then coat the pasta in the hot butter, put on a plate and put the shredded cheese right on top. Shred the cheese using the finer shredder. Sprinkle basil salt and pepper on top. Easy peasy.

I know I didn't put any measurements on the ingredients because I really just do it to taste. Just make sure you use plenty of butter (what's better than hot butter?), that's the key. Oh and plenty of cheese. Enjoy!


Gina Louise said...

i want this right now. i LOVE this dish.

i added labels to your post - hope that was okay. i want to be able to find this post again when i'm ready to make it. :)

Lisa said...

Kirsten, i'm SOOOOO impressed that you cooked! ;) haha. but i'm mad because now i have to go to the store tomorrow and get the stuff to make this. YUM!!!

SLCFoodie said...

I also love mizithra cheese. I had it once in Spain and I'll never be the same.