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Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Five: recipes I tried, and looooved.

Best FIVE (more or less) recipes you tried from Eat Your Veggies Peas and loooooved!
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Gina Louise said...

In no particular order:
1. Ariel's Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup
2. Lisa's Homemade Oreos
3. Cindy's Ramen Chicken Salad
4. Megan's Fried Rice
5. Gretchen's Candy Chicken

These are just few...I seriously love trying eveyone's recipes. I have a list of recipes I'm salivating over as we speak, but haven't had a chance to try yet.

Good work guys! :)

Ariel said...

1. gina's all day beef stew.
2. gretchen's candy chicken.
3. megan's pretzel hugs.
4. katherine's crock pot sweet & sour meatballs.
5. gina's egg & sausage casserole.

Emily said...

1. Gina's skillet parmigiana chicken
2. Gina's all day beef stew
3. Ariel's chicken bruschetta bake
4. Shawnee's cherry almond oatmeal cookies
5. Ariel's honey roasted red potatoes.

Gina Louise said...

Ok, I have two more I need to add. How could I have forgotten about these?!

6. Ariel's Tuscan Flat Bread
7. Gretchen's Magic Bars

Brady and Gretchen said...

So I'm a late bloomer to this post buttt..I have LOVED (in no order..)

1. Gina's chicken wild rice ranch wraps
2. Ariel's tuscan bread
3. Gina's egg sausage breakfast thing
4. Ariel's parmesean chicken
5. that cookie salad...yum