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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Churro Cupcakes

I think that we should be proud of our mistakes. I mean, at least we give something our best shot, right? So here's a funny story. It was my godson's birthday a week ago. We made his birthday cake and thought maybe we needed another dessert is case there wasn't enough. I had commented before on these amazing cupcakes that my cousin makes for her cupcake business she is building, specifically, these cupcakes. I've done some playing around, and though I absolutely do not have my cousin's cupcakes mastered, I make a mean attempt. So we decided to make the Churro cupcakes. Now, I have cooked over at my friend's house many times, I am pretty familiar with where everything is. So my godson and I got to work, he is a FABULOUS helper.

We mixed all the ingredients, we put the cupcakes together and baked the cupcakes. But the cupcakes fell. I was so sad. I couldn't figure out why they fell. Here is proof - kaput, flat Stanley...

So we started getting more things ready for the party and started to make the frosting for the main cake. My friend pulls the flour out of the pantry and starts scooping it into the mixer with the butter. I asked her what she was doing putting flour into the frosting and she says she's adding powdered sugar. It turns out her husband switched up all the containers a few weeks ago. WHAT??? Hehe - so when I though my little godson was scooping flour into the cupcakes, he was actually adding powdered sugar. Needless to say, even being as flat as they were - the caramelized Churro cupcakes were a hit. In fact, they've been requested for a party in March. I'll take pictures of them, and post what they should really look like at that time, but here is the recipe for now.

I use the white cake recipe from this post I made. I really like how moist the cake is, and use it for a lot of recipes now.

Then I mix together cinnamon and sugar (about a cup of sugar and 2-4T cinnamon)
I take about a tablespoon of the cupcake batter and I mix it into the sugar mixture.

I put batter into the cupcake papers,not even halfway. I make a ball out of my sugar mixture and set it on the batter and then pour more batter on top. But the cupcake papers are still only at most 2/3 full.

I bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes and check the cupcakes - the bake time depends on how big the cupcakes bake up to.

They are super yummy. You can frost them with cream cheese frosting, or if you like, I like them warm out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



ariel said...

hehe WOOPS! they sound delicious, though :)

Jared and Lauren said...

I made them for a game night and they were a huge hit and super easy! Definitely will be making them again!!

Natalie Anne said...
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