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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recipe Reminiscing

Have you tried a recipe from Eat Your Veggies, Peas! recently and loved it?  Or did you make it a long time ago and still continue to whip it up every now and then?

If you're like me - right before I go to the grocery store I scan old and new recipes from this website to make my grocery list.  Some things have been posted for months, yet I just barely tried it and loved it - and want to share (who really goes back to see that I checked the "Loved it!" box?).

Let's hear all about what recipes from here you've been cooking up!


ariel said...

i use recipes from the blog all the time! some of my favorites {that i have made several times and loooved} are:

gina's salmon brown sugar glaze {i've used it on tilapia and chicken too}

gretchen's roasted potatoes

tuscan flatbread

gina's cookie salad

Gina Louise said...

I guess I've been in a Megan kind of mood, because I've made two of her recipes within the past couple of weeks and loved both:
1. Mini Calzones
2. Chicken a La King

Gina Louise said...

Just tried Caprene's Peanutbutter squares. Soooo good! Thanks Caprene! (I need them out of my house though, it's not good for my weight) :)